This is our Winnie Cottage Bed. This bed is ideal for a little girl who has a small room but needs that special bed.

The bed has 2 shelfs at the side and a storage area above for teddies or what ever girly things that you want to put up there.

It has grass on the side and butterflies up the side and front. The roof has a slate effect.






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The Winnie bed is £780.

Winnie bed with stairs and top area £1020

20160124_150837-1 20160612_123749-1 20160124_150814-1 WINNIE SIZES

Length 48in


Depth at bed 80in


Depth at house 24in


Overall height 94in


Bed frame can go on the left or right hand side as you look at the bed.


Stairs can be added with play area on top.