Frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions

• Do you deliver to my area.

We offer a delivery and assembly service to most areas in the UK. We would require your post code to give a quote.


• Can the beds be taken apart and relocated in the future.

Yes the beds can be relocated.


• Do the beds come painted as in pictures.

Yes the beds are supplied painted. We offer a choice of 7 main colours (white, light pink, dark pink, buttermilk, purple, blue, grey). We can also colour match for you for an additional charge.


• What are the bed sizes.

Please visit our bed sizes page on our menu

Octagonal turret Castle bed without slide - L96in x D48 x H94

Octagonal turret Castle bed with slide - L110in x D48 x H94 (Depth at wave slide 65in)

Standard castle bed is - L96 X D48 X H73 (Depth at bed 38in)


• Can you change the sizes.

We can make changes to sizes to help accommodate your requirements. “ some sizes can not be changed” and we will NOT change sizes that could compromise safety or breach BS-EN 747 safety standards.


• Can I have the stairs on the opposite side.

The stairs can go on any side of the bed and we confirm all details with you.


• What materials do you use to make the beds.

The main frames are made from 18mm MDF. Any structural or load bearing parts are rebated or made from timber. Slats are made from birch bowed ply which is layered and glued, they are designed to adjust to body weight and increase the suppleness of the mattress. All drawers are on metal runners and sides with 6mm bases.


• What size mattress do the beds take.

The beds are made to take UK standard single size mattress 90cm x 190cm the beds are designed so the mattress will fit nice and snug.


• What is the height underneath if I have the play area.

The height underneath the play area is 1260mm from floor to bed slats.


• Why can’t I just place my order on your site.

We are passionate about the service we offer our customers and we like to speak to each customer to ensure that all details are correct for you the customer and ourselves.


• Can you put the lights anywhere if I have them.

Within reason we will be able to accommodate your requirements. We do not use any electrical connections. All lights fitted are LED battery operated and concealed for safety.


• I have a design in mind that I want made, can you do this.

We will look at your ideas and help and advise you with design. We will always tell you what can be done and what can't.


• What ages are the beds for.

Bunk beds are for children 6yrs and older on the top bunk. Younger children can use the bottom bunk and this would be entirely at the discretion of the parents, but we do not recommend this.

(Babies & toddlers should NOT use top or bottom bunks)