Bed sizes


Guide to bed sizes and measuring your available space


1) Allow for skirting boards when measuring. "not wall to wall"

2) Allow for window cills.

3) Have you got a pitched ceiling.

4) Allow for radiators, the bed should be at least 3in away from a radiator.

5) Check where your light fitting is going to be in location to the bed.

6) Check you are not blocking light switches or sockets that are required.

7) Check where door opening is in relation to the position of the bed.

8) Never put the slide behind the door unless there is sufficient room for child to exit slide safely.

9) Our beds are not small and the larger beds are very heavy when constructed, if you are thinking about new flooring or carpet we would reccommend that you replace prior to receiving your bed.

10) If you are measuring up in an empty room or from drawings from a new property, remember to allow for any additional furniture (wardrobes dressers etc).

11) Its never a good idea to block a window "depending on the type of room some windows are escape routes"

12) If a window is accessable from the bed "we advise that you ensure windows are fitted with locks.


We are here to discuss your requirements or any concerns / questions that you may have.